PPPL Unix Cluster

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4.1: xrsh and xssh

xrsh(1) and xssh(1) are convenience programs which

  1. use rsh or ssh to connect to a remote system
  2. set DISPLAY appropriately on the remote system
  3. invoke xterm(1) or other X client on the remote system
  1. To get a window on a.nersc.gov, do
    xssh -auth ssh a.nersc.gov

    xssh is a ssh-capable replacement for xrsh. You will need to ensure that your PATH on a.nersc.gov is set in .cshrc and that it included the directory with xterm lives. For that reason, I suggest you move

    if ( -e /etc/cshrc.nersc ) then
      source /etc/cshrc.nersc

    from `~/.login' to the end of `~/.cshrc'.

    On a.nersc.gov, if you do

    echo $DISPLAY

    you will see it set to something like `a:4.0'. This is a special display setting used by ssh for encrypting your X traffic. Incidentally the encryption is only in effect between NERSC and the machine you ran xssh on. The traffic between this machine and your X terminal is still unencrypted.

  2. To start a window on another machine in the Unix Cluster with your AFS tokens carried over:
    xssh lupus

    With this invocation, the X traffic is not encrypted. You may wish to insert these xssh commands into your .twmrc as follows

    menu "Programs"
    "Machines"      f.title
    "lupus"         !"xssh lupus"
    "a.nersc.gov"   !"xssh -auth ssh a.nersc.gov"
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