GNU Readline Library. Node: Function Naming

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2.4.1: Naming a Function

The user can dynamically change the bindings of keys while using Readline. This is done by representing the function with a descriptive name. The user is able to type the descriptive name when referring to the function. Thus, in an init file, one might find

Meta-Rubout:	backward-kill-word

This binds the keystroke META-RUBOUT to the function descriptively named backward-kill-word. You, as the programmer, should bind the functions you write to descriptive names as well. Readline provides a function for doing that:

Function: int rl_add_defun (char *name, Function *function, int key)
Add name to the list of named functions. Make function be the function that gets called. If key is not -1, then bind it to function using rl_bind_key ().

Using this function alone is sufficient for most applications. It is the recommended way to add a few functions to the default functions that Readline has built in. If you need to do something other than adding a function to Readline, you may need to use the underlying functions described below.

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