Supercite Version 3.1 User's Manual. Node: MH-E with any Emacsen

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5.3: MH-E with any Emacsen

MH-E 4.x conforms to the mail-citation-hook interface supported by other MUAs. At the time of this writing, MH-E 4.0 has not been released, but if you have it, put this in your `.emacs' file to connect Supercite and MH-E 4.x:

(add-hook 'mail-citation-hook 'sc-cite-original)

Note that if you are using Emacs 18 or Epoch 4, you will not have the add-hook function. See Emacs 18 MUAs for details on how to proceed without add-hook.

MH-E version 3.x uses a slightly different interface than other MUAs. MH-E provides a hook variable mh-yank-hooks, but it doesn't act like a hook, and doing an add-hook will not work.

To connect Supercite to MH-E 3.x, you should instead add the following to your .emacs file:

(add-hook 'mh-yank-hooks 'sc-cite-original)

You also need to make sure that MH-E includes all the original mail headers in the yanked message. The variable that controls this is mh-yank-from-start-of-msg. By default, this variable has the value t, which tells MH-E to include all the mail headers when yanking the original message. Before you switched to using Supercite, you may have set this variable to other values so as not to include the mail headers in the yanked message. Since Supercite requires these headers (and cleans them out for you), you need to make sure the value is t. This lisp, in your `.emacs' file will do the trick:

(setq mh-yank-from-start-of-msg t)

Note that versions of MH-E before 3.7 did not provide the mh-yank-hooks variable. Your only option is to upgrade to MH-E version 3.7 or later.

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