VIP. Node: Differences from Vi

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1.4: Differences from Vi

The major differences from Vi are explained below.

  • Undoing You can undo more in VIP.
  • Changing Commands for changing the text.
  • Searching Search commands.
  • z Command You can now use zH, zM and zL as well as z- etc.
  • Counts Some Vi commands which do not accept a count now accept one.
  • Marking You can now mark the current point, beginning of the buffer etc.
  • Region Commands You can now give a region as an argument for delete commands etc.
  • New Commands Some new commands not available in Vi are added.
  • New Bindings Bindings of some keys are changed for the convenience of editing under Emacs.
  • Window Commands Commands for moving among windows etc.
  • Buffer Commands Commands for selecting buffers etc.
  • File Commands Commands for visiting files etc.
  • Misc Commands Other useful commands.
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