VM User's Manual. Node: Reading Digests

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Chapter 12: Reading Digests

A digest is one or more mail messages encapsulated within another message.

VM supports digests by providing a command to ``burst'' them into their individual messages. These messages can then be handled like any other messages under VM.

The command * (vm-burst-digest) bursts a digest into its individual messages and appends them to the current folder. These messages are then assimilated into the current folder as new messages. The original digest message is not altered, and the messages extracted from it are not part of the on-disk copy of the folder until a save is done. You will be prompted for the type of digest to burst. VM understands three formats, ``rfc934'', ``rfc1154'' and ``mime''. If you don't know what kind of digest you've received, type ``guess'' and VM will try to figure out the digest type on its own. VM is pretty smart about digests and will usually make the correct choice if the digest is properly formatted.

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