VM User's Manual. Node: Using the Mouse

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Chapter 19: Using the Mouse

VM uses the following layout for the mouse buttons in the folder and summary buffers.

button-1 (left button usually)


button-2 (middle button usually) Activate. If you click on a summary entry, that message will be selected and become the current message. If you click on a highlighted URL in the body of a message, that URL will be sent to the browser specified by vm-url-browser.
button-3 (right button usually) Context Menu. If the mouse pointer is over the contents of the From header, button-3 pops up a menu of actions that can be taken using the author of the message as a parameter. For instance, you may want to create a virtual folder containing all the message in the current folder written by this author. If the mouse pointer is over the contents of the Subject header, a menu of actions to be performed on the current message's subject is produced. If button-3 is clicked over a highlighted URL, a menu of Web browsers is produced. Otherwise the normal VM mode specific menu is produced.

In mail composition buffers only mouse button-3 is affected. Context sensitive menus are produced when that button is clicked.

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