Gets the data for the block diagonal matrix format. For the parallel case, this returns information for the local submatrix.


PetscErrorCode PETSCMAT_DLLEXPORT MatBDiagGetData(Mat mat,PetscInt *nd,PetscInt *bs,PetscInt *diag[],PetscInt *bdlen[],PetscScalar ***diagv)

Input Parameters

mat -the matrix, stored in block diagonal format.

Not Collective

Output Parameters

    diag = i/bs - j/bs  (integer division)
Set diag=PETSC_NULL on input for PETSc to dynamically allocate memory as needed (expensive).
m - number of rows
n - number of columns
nd - number of block diagonals
bs - each element of a diagonal is an bs x bs dense matrix
bdlen - array of total block lengths of block diagonals
diag - optional array of block diagonal numbers (length nd). For a matrix element A[i,j], where i=row and j=column, the diagonal number is
diagv - pointer to actual diagonals (in same order as diag array),


See the users manual for further details regarding this storage format.


matrix, block, diagonal, get, data

See Also

MatCreateSeqBDiag(), MatCreateMPIBDiag()

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