Context of matrix information, used with MatGetInfo()


typedef struct {
  PetscLogDouble rows_global,columns_global;         /* number of global rows and columns */
  PetscLogDouble rows_local,columns_local;           /* number of local rows and columns */
  PetscLogDouble block_size;                         /* block size */
  PetscLogDouble nz_allocated,nz_used,nz_unneeded;   /* number of nonzeros */
  PetscLogDouble memory;                             /* memory allocated */
  PetscLogDouble assemblies;                         /* number of matrix assemblies called */
  PetscLogDouble mallocs;                            /* number of mallocs during MatSetValues() */
  PetscLogDouble fill_ratio_given,fill_ratio_needed; /* fill ratio for LU/ILU */
  PetscLogDouble factor_mallocs;                     /* number of mallocs during factorization */
} MatInfo;
In Fortran this is simply a double precision array of dimension MAT_INFO_SIZE

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MatGetInfo(), MatInfoType

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