Creates a data structure used to project vectors out of null spaces.


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode PETSCMAT_DLLEXPORT MatNullSpaceCreate(MPI_Comm comm,PetscTruth has_cnst,PetscInt n,const Vec vecs[],MatNullSpace *SP)
Collective on MPI_Comm

Input Parameters

comm - the MPI communicator associated with the object
has_cnst - PETSC_TRUE if the null space contains the constant vector; otherwise PETSC_FALSE
n - number of vectors (excluding constant vector) in null space
vecs - the vectors that span the null space (excluding the constant vector); these vectors must be orthonormal. These vectors are NOT copied, so do not change them after this call. You should free the array that you pass in.

Output Parameter

SP -the null space context

Users manual sections

Section 4.15 Solving Singular Systems -


PC, null space, create

See Also

MatNullSpaceDestroy(), MatNullSpaceRemove(), KSPSetNullSpace(), MatNullSpace, MatNullSpaceSetFunction()

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