Uses a direct solver, based on Cholesky factorization, as a preconditioner

Options Database Keys

-pc_factor_reuse_ordering - Activate PCFactorSetReuseOrdering()
-pc_factor_reuse_fill - Activates PCFactorSetReuseFill()
-pc_factor_fill <fill> - Sets fill amount
-pc_factor_in_place - Activates in-place factorization
-pc_factor_mat_ordering_type <nd,rcm,...> - Sets ordering routine
-pc_factor_shift_nonzero <shift> - Sets shift amount or PETSC_DECIDE for the default
-pc_factor_shift_positive_definite [PETSC_TRUE/PETSC_FALSE] - Activate/Deactivate PCFactorSetShiftPd(); the value is optional with PETSC_TRUE being the default

Notes: Not all options work for all matrix formats

Notes: Usually this will compute an "exact" solution in one iteration and does not need a Krylov method (i.e. you can use -ksp_type preonly, or KSPSetType(ksp,KSPPREONLY) for the Krylov method

See Also

PCCreate(), PCSetType(), PCType (for list of available types), PC,
PCILU, PCLU, PCICC, PCFactorSetReuseOrdering(), PCFactorSetReuseFill(), PCGetFactoredMatrix(), PCFactorSetFill(), PCFactorSetShiftNonzero(), PCFactorSetShiftPd(), PCFactorSetUseInPlace(), PCFactorSetMatOrdering(),PCFactorSetShiftNonzero(),PCFactorSetShiftPd()

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