Tells the matrix-free Jacobian object the new location at which Jacobian matrix vector products will be computed at, i.e. J(x) * a.


#include "petscsnes.h"   
PetscErrorCode PETSCSNES_DLLEXPORT MatSNESMFComputeJacobian(SNES snes,Vec x,Mat *jac,Mat *B,MatStructure *flag,void *dummy)
Collective on SNES

Input Parameters

snes - the nonlinear solver context
x - the point at which the Jacobian vector products will be performed
jac - the matrix-free Jacobian object
B - either the same as jac or another matrix type (ignored)
flag - not relevent for matrix-free form
dummy - the user context (ignored)


This can be passed into SNESSetJacobian() when using a completely matrix-free solver, that is the B matrix is also the same matrix operator. This is used when you select -snes_mf but rarely used directly by users.

See Also

MatSNESMFGetH(), MatCreateSNESMF(),
MatSNESMFSetHHistory(), MatSNESMFKSPMonitor(), MatSNESMFSetFunctionError(), MatSNESMFCreate(), SNESSetJacobian()

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