A note to our hardcopy readers

The NCAR Graphics Version 4.1 documentation was designed as an online hypertext information system to be read using a hypertext browser like Netscape or Mosaic. We recommend viewing the documentation using a hypertext browser rather than reading the documentation in a hardcopy form. Depending on the browser you use, you can conveniently navigate through the documentation by just clicking on highlighted text and/or using the control panel tools that appear at the top and bottom of every module.

Forced to use hardcopy?

However, if you are unable to use a hypertext browser, you will be constrained to using the PostScript versions of the User Guide, the Quick Start Guide, and the Reference Manual. You will lose many of the hypertext advantages offered by the interactive documentation, and you may have to wait for new software releases to obtain documentation updates.

We've placed PostScript copies of the hypertext user documentation in the ngdoc/ng/nggenrl/psdocs directory. Note that some of the .ps files have been compressed with the UNIX compress command, making them .ps.Z files. However, the installer at your site may have elected not install these large files on your local system because they require so much storage space. If the links in the following paragraph do not work for you, and if you must have the hardcopy versions of this interactive documentation, then you need to seek the assistance of your system administrator.

The PostScript versions of the NG4.1 preface files, User Guide, Quick Start Guide, and Reference Manual may not be installed on your system. The PostScript files of the manuals for the traditional NCAR Graphics Fortran and C interfaces, NCAR Graphics Fundamentals, NCAR Graphics Contouring and Mapping Tutorial, and User's Guide for NCAR GKS-0A Graphics, may likewise be missing from your local computer.

The programmer documents covering each of the utilities for the traditional programmatic interfaces are now available in HTML.

How to obtain a hypertext browser

If you are using a graphics workstation, we recommend using a full-screen hypertext browser like Netscape or Mosaic. These browsers are currently free, however, we cannot distribute them with the NCAR Graphics software. If your workstation does not support graphics, then we recommend using a line mode browser like Lynx.

Feedback helps everyone

If you have any difficulty with the documentation, please send your comments and suggestions using the Feedback button on the control panels at the beginning and end of every module, or contact us at one of the following addresses:

ng4doc@ncar.ucar.edu - Email address

(303) 497-1201 - NCAR Graphics Information Line

SCD/NCAR Graphics Documentation
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000 (USA)

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