Color specification formats

Color specification formats

It is possible to use named colors and other color specification formats in place of color index values when setting various types of color resources. There are four different types of resources for setting single or arrays of color values: NhlTColorIndex, NhlTColorIndexGenArray, NhlTColorMap, and NhlTColorDefinitionGenArray. Setting color values for each of these types of resources is covered below.

For complete examples showing how to use named colors, see the Quick Start Guide examples cn05, cn14, cn17, xy07, and xy16.

Important notes about color specification formats

In the second workstation, the text should be red instead of blue, because in the second color map, red is occupying the same location in the color map that blue occupied for the first color map. To get around this problem, you need to make sure that named colors occupy the same locations in the color maps, or else you have to call setvalues on text and set txFontColor to "blue" again.

Tables of named colors

To see the valid 650 named colors, see the ASCII file $NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/database/rgb.txt or click on any one of the 15 tables below to see the color names and their associated colors:

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