The Fortran name of this function is NhlFDataPolymarker.

Given arrays containing the X and Y coordinates of points in data coordinate space, this function outputs an immediate-mode marker at each of the points.

C Synopsis

#include <ncarg/hlu/hlu.h>
#include <hfile for Transform class object>

NhlErrorTypes NhlDataPolymarker(
		int	pid,
                int     gsid,
		float 	*x,
		float	*y,
		int	n,

Fortran Synopsis

      subroutine NhlFDataPolymarker(pid, gsid, x, y, n, ierr)
      integer pid, gsid, n, ierr
      real x(n), y(n)


pid (input)
Id of a Transform or Workstation object.
gsid (input)
Id of a GraphicStyle object.
x (input)
Array of X-Axis coordinate values in data coordinate space.
y (input)
Array of Y-Axis coordinate values in data coordinate space.
n (input)
Number of elements in the coordinate arrays x and y.
ierr (output, Fortran only)
Error code.


Type name:		NhlTErrorTypes
typedef enum _NhlErrType{
	NhlFATAL	= -4,	/* "FATAL"	*/
	NhlWARNING	= -3,	/* "WARNING"	*/
	NhlINFO		= -2,	/* "INFO"	*/
	NhlNOERROR	= -1	/* "NOERROR"	*/
} NhlErrorTypes;


If the parameter pid specifies a transform (a plot object), this function draws an immediate-mode polymarker (a set of glyphs marking particular locations) in the object's current data coordinate space. The polymarker is clipped to the object's viewport. If the parameter pid specifies a workstation, the polymarker is drawn in a data coordinate space that is identical to NDC space with boundaries of (0.0,0.0) at the lower left and (1.0,1.0) at the upper right. Clipping occurs only at the viewspace boundaries. An immediate-mode polymarker appears as soon as the low-level point buffer is flushed after the function is called. It is not drawn when the object's Draw method is invoked.

You specify the polymarker's attributes by passing in a GraphicStyle object using the parameter gsid. If gsid is set to NhlNULLOBJID (0) then the marker attributes are determined by the current settings of the Workstation default GraphicStyle object. Retrieve the id of the default GraphicStyle object using the read-only Workstation resource wkDefGraphicStyleId.

Return Values

The NhlDataPolymarker C function returns a value of type NhlErrorTypes, and the NhlFDataPolymarker Fortran subroutine returns the error in ierr. The following table indicates what the various return Error Values mean:
Value	|			Meaning
NOERROR	|	function successful
INFO	|	minor recoverable error
WARNING	|	recoverable error
FATAL	|	function failed; continuing the program
	|       may result in core dump

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