The Fortran name of this function is NhlFIsView.

This boolean function returns True if the given id identifies a View class object, and False otherwise.

C Synopsis

#include </ncarg/hlu/View.h>

NhlBoolean NhlIsView(
	        int	id,

Fortran Synopsis

      subroutine NhlFIsView(id, istatus)
      integer id, istatus


id (input)
Specifies an integer id to an existing HLU object.
istatus (output, Fortran only)
On output, the status of the object.


You use this function to determine if the id you supply identifies a View class object.

Return values

The NhlIsView C function returns True if the id identifies a View class object, and False otherwise; the NhlFIsView Fortran subroutine returns the status in istatus.


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