NhlOpen, NhlInitialize

The Fortran names of these functions are NhlFOpen and NhlFInitialize.

HLU library initialization functions.

C synopsis

#include <ncarg/hlu/hlu.h>

void NhlOpen()

void NhlInitialize()

Fortran synopsis

      subroutine NhlFOpen

      subroutine NhlFInitialize


These functions are used to initialize the HLU library. One of them must be called before any other HLU calls.

NhlOpen is the normal way to initialize the HLU library. It is the simplest interface.

NhlInitialize differs from NhlOpen in that the programmer must create an App object after calling it, and before any other objects can be created.

The HLU library can only be initialized using the Fortran binding if the main program is written in Fortran since that is the only time Fortran I/O is guaranteed to be initialized.

The HLU library can only be initialized once, even if NhlClose is called, so be sure to only call NhlClose when you are completely done using the HLU library.

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