Transform class resource descriptions

Ordinarily, the data space of a transform added as an overlay is transformed into the data space of the base plot. If tfDoNDCOverlay is set True, however, this transformation does not take place. Instead, the transform is aligned in NDC space with the base plot. Its viewport is sized and positioned to coincide with the base plot's viewport. As with normal overlays, the base plot still assumes responsibility for drawing the transform and managing its annotations.

Default: False

This boolean resource specifies whether a transform should instantiate a PlotManager composite class member. It is a create-only resource; if a plotmanager is not instantiated when the transform is created, it cannot be instantiated later. If a plotmanager is activated, the transform becomes a plot object, allowing it to act as a base plot for annotations and overlays. Otherwise, it is called a simple transform. The primary reason to create a simple transform would be to conserve memory and improve performance.

Default: True

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