XWorkstation class resource descriptions

This resource allows X window programs to pass in to the HLU library an X-Window Id into which output will be drawn. If the aspect ratio of the window is not square NCAR graphics will inscribe a square output frame centered in the window. If you do not set wkWindowId, the XWorkstation object will create and manage its own window. This resource can only be set on create.

Default: NULL


This resource is used to specify what type of X color allocation scheme the XWorkstation object should use. If this resource is set to "share", then the XWorkstation object will attempt to use the "default" colormap for the display. Since most X displays only use an 8 bit - PseudoColor colormap, only 256 unique colors can be displayed at a time. This means that it is unlikely that the XWorkstation will be able to have 256 unique colors, since other applications will take some of the available colors.

If this resource is set to "private", then the XWorkstation object will create a colormap to be used exclusively with the output window. This means that a full 256 colors will be available to the XWorkstation output window. However, this can have some interesting side effects for other windows. The colormap for the XWorkstation output window will be installed when that window has the "focus". When it doesn't have the "focus", it's colormap will not be installed. Therefore, the XWorkstation output will not look correct unless its window has the "focus". Also, when it has the "focus", other windows on the display are likely to look strange.

If this resource is set to "mixed", then the XWorkstation object will attempt to use the "default" colormap as long as it can. Once a color allocation from the X server fails, it will create a private colormap, and behave as if this resource were set to "private". This change is completely dynamic, and the user doesn't have any control as to exactly when the object switches from using the "default" colormap, to using a "private" one. However, everything drawn up to that point will still be seen within the X window in the correct colors as long as the window has the "focus".

Default: <dynamic>
wkXColorMode defaults to "mixed" unless the wkWindowId resource is set, when it is forced to "share".
This enables and disables the workstation pause feature. When True the NhlFrame call will pause until the user has pressed a key or pressed a mouse button. If the wkWindowId is set when the window is created, causing the XWorkstation to draw into an externally created window, wkPause is constrained to False. Otherwise a conflict would result in the event management of the window.

Default: <dynamic>
wkPause defaults to True unless the wkWindowId resource is set.

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