This procedure is used to draw a polyline using NDC units. (See NhlNDCPolyline.)


	procedure NhlNDCPolyline( 
		objs[*]: graphic,
		x[*]: float,
		y[*]: float


An array of HLU plot objects.
Either one HLU style object or an array with the same dimensions as the objs parameter.
The X coordinates of the polyline in NDC units.
The Y coordinates of the polyline in NDC units.


NhlNDCPolyline draws the polyline defined by the pair of vectors x and y using either a single style object or the corresponding style object from the style parameter. The vectors x and y contain values in NDC units. The coordinates are drawn as a polyline clipped to the viewports of each HLU plot object in the objs array. The difference between the NCL version and the HLU version is that the NCL version draws the polyline over one or more HLU plot objects using one or more styles, and the NCL version does not need the length of the x and y parameters because this information is inherent in NCL data. In the HLU version, NULL can be used to use the default graphic style object. In NCL, however, the default style object must be retrieved from the workstation parent using the wkDefGraphicStyleId resource and the getvalues statement. For more information on controlling how the polyline is drawn, see the GraphicStyle class description.

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