Calculates cross spectra quantities of a series.

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    function specxy_anal(
        x    : float,
        y    : float,
        iopt : integer,
        jave : integer,
        pct  : float


x, y
1-dimensional arrays of length N containing the data. x and y must be the same length. Missing values are not allowed.
detrending option. iopt = 0 => remove series mean, iopt = 1 => remove the series mean and least squares linear trend.
smoothing to be performed on the periodiogram estimates. This should be an odd number (>= 3). If not, the routine will force it to the next largest odd number.

  jave=0 : do no smoothing
           spcx contains raw spectra estimates (periodogram)
  jave>0 : average jave periodogram estimates together
           utilizing modified daniell smoothing (good
           stability but may lead to large bias ).
           all weights are 1/jave except wgt(1) and wgt(jave)
           which are 1/(2*jave). this is the recommended option.
  It is this number which has the most impact on the
  degrees of freedom.
percent of the series to be tapered (0.0 <= pct <= 1.0). If pct =0.0, no tapering will be done. If pct = 1.0, the whole series is effected. A pct of 0.10 is common (tapering should always be done).


specxy_anal returns the degrees of freedom as a float scalar. It also returns the following attributes:

Example 1

Perform cross-spectral analysis on series x and y:

   iopt = 1    ; remove least squares linear trends from each
               ; series prior to tapering and computing spectra.
   jave = 7    ; Average 7 periodogram estimates using modified Daniel
   pct  = 0.1  ; taper 10% of the data
   dof = specxy_anal (x,y,iopt,jave,pct)

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