wmsetp, wmgetp

Set and retrieve parameters for selected Wmap routines. The NCL language affords a convenient implementation of the parameter setting and retrieval functions. The parameters currently valid for wmsetp and wmgetp are those that apply to wmbarb: COL, WBF, WBA, WBC, WBD, WBR, WBS, WBT.

Note: This function is only available in version 4.1.1 of NCL. If your site is licensed for version 4.1, then you can get version 4.1.1 for free. To get version 4.1.1 of NCAR Graphics software, please contact your site representative. If you don't know who your site representative is, then send email to ncarginf@ucar.edu or call (303) 497-1201.


    procedure wmsetp(
        pnam[1] : string,

    function wmgetp(
        pnam[1] : string,


name of the parameter you want to set or retrieve
value of the parameter you want to set; this value must be of the type appropriate to the parameter being set.


The procedure wmsetp is used to set values for wmap parameters; the function wmgetp is used to retrieve the current value of the named parameter. wmgetp returns a value that is of the type appropriate to the parameter type.


;  Create an X11 workstation.
      wid = create "wmbarb_example" xWorkstationClass defaultapp
        "wkPause" : True
      end create
;  Draw wind barbs.
      x = (/0.25, 0.75, 0.75, 0.25/)
      y = (/0.25, 0.25, 0.75, 0.75/)
      u = (/50., -50., -50.,  50./)
      v = (/50.,  50., -50., -50./)
      wmbarb(wid, x, y, u, v)
;  Get parameter value.
      size = wmgetp("wbs")

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