API structure (HLU function interface)

Functions that apply to all HLU classes are called base functions. This is because they are defined for all objects that are members of the Base class. There are specific functions that apply to only one type of class. There is one function, NhlDraw, that applies to two high-level classes that contain many subclasses. Finally, there are a few general functions which are not class-related. The functions are listed below by category.

Base API functions

Most functions in the HLU API are specific to individual class; however, the following four functions apply to every HLU class:

API functions used by more than one class

Specific API functions by class

Application class

Data class

Workstation class

See also XWorkstation, NcgmWorkstation, and PSWorkstation.

View class

Transform class

Error class

Workspace class

API functions not related to class

There are several important functions that are not class-related; these include:

See also:

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