Mixing NCL with HLUs and LLUs


This module describes how to produce plots with code that uses NCL and calls HLUs and LLUs.

Accessing HLUs

NCL has three statements for interfacing with the High Level Utilities library:
create allows you to create an HLU object and assign vlaues to its resources.
setvalues allows you to modify resources in an HLU object after it has been created.
getvalues allows you to retrieve the values of the resource setting in an HLU object.
As well as the three NCL statements above, NCL has versions of most of the functions available to the HLUs. See NCL versions of HLU functions and procedures in the NCL commands module.

Almost all of the examples available via the ng4ex command illustrate accessing HLUs from NCL. Type

man ng4ex
for details on ng4ex.

Accessing LLUs

There is no way to access the Low Level Utilities library from an NCL program without implementing the desired functions by extending the NCL function set.

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