Software and hardware requirements

This module describes the software and hardware requirements for using NCAR Graphics 4.1.

Supported systems

The NCAR Graphics software is supported on several computational platforms listed below. These systems require at least 32 MB of main memory, and the X server needs to be configured with backing store.

The supported systems and their OS versions include:

Cray J90UNICOS 10.0
Digital Equipment AlphaDigital UNIX 4.0
HP9000 Series 700HP-UX 10.20
IBM PCLinux 2.0.x
IBM RISC System/6000AIX 4.2
Silicon Graphics systemsIRIX 6.2/6.4 (-n32/-64 options)
Sun systemsSolaris 2.5.x

The additional software needed to build the NCAR Graphics libraries from source includes:

libXaw.a X11R5
HDF v4.1rx (optional)
Developers who will be creating NCAR Graphics applications and tools will need the following software:
ANSI C compiler
FORTRAN 77 compiler (the Fortran 90 compiler was used on the Cray systems).
libX11.a X11R5/6
netCDF 3.x (optional)
Documentation for the NCAR Graphics software is available on the World Wide Web (WWW) in the form of HTML documents. You will need to connect to the NCAR server with an HTML browser to view this documentation which will be kept up-to-date on a continuing basis.

The HTML documentation is also shipped with the software, along with PostScript copies of all documentation files for sites that want to print a static hardcopy version.

Note: Sites that want to install the HTML documentation locally will first need to install an HTTP server (not included with the distribution).

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