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Coordinate System for the Transport Model

It is assumed that profile information exists on a grid from 0 to jmaxm when the model is called. Gradients are computed with respect to the normalized square root of the toroidal flux tex2html_wrap_inline297 with tex2html_wrap_inline299 where tex2html_wrap_inline301 is the toroidal flux, BT is the toroidal field, and a is the minor radius. For every unstable root in the ky spectrum, the quasi-linear diffusivities are derived summing over the individual contributions. The effective transport coefficients are in units of m2/s and are defined assuming that the the transport equations take the form prescribed by the ITER Expert Group,
Here, tex2html_wrap_inline313 is the effective diffusivity and no distinction is made between convection and conduction.

The toroidal momentum tex2html_wrap_inline315 is defined with the momentum diffusion equation given as

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