subroutine gaussPointsAndWeights (nt1, t, ngauss, tgauss, wgauss, ier)

    Given a grid t and 1 >= ngauss <=10, return the Gauss

    quadrature points tgauss and weights wgauss. *Note* tgauss and wgauss

    must be preallocatted and must have size (nt1-1)*ngauss.


    pletzer Fri Sep 8 15:35:59 EDT 2000

integer, parameter :: r8 = selected_real_kind(12,100)

integer, intent(in) :: nt1     # of grid t-points

real(r8), intent(in) :: t(*)     grid

integer, intent(in) :: ngauss     number of Gauss points per interval

real(r8), intent(out) :: tgauss(*)     the output array of t-Gauss points

real(r8), intent(out) :: wgauss(*)     the output array of Gauss weights

integer, intent(out) :: ier     error flag: 0=ok,

    1=ngauss too big,

    2=ngauss too small

    3=wrong size of tgauss

    4=wrong size of wgauss

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