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Card 7 - Computation tolerances, sawtooth parameters

FACIMP - Error tolerance for inner loop elliptic equation solver. If FACIMP is negative, tex2html_wrap_inline401 will be used as the error tolerance, and will be divided by 5 at each grid doubling. This can be useful in removing glitches in tex2html_wrap_inline583 near the axis caused by an insufficient number of iterations following grid size doubling.

NIMAX - Maximum number of inner iterations before metric update.

ITOOFF - Number of iterations which use fit at origin.

JORGN - tex2html_wrap_inline379 surface number at which fit is made for iterations < ITOOFF.

TSAW - Sawtooth parameter for temperature profile.

tex2html_wrap_inline589(tex2html_wrap_inline379) = TSAW tex2html_wrap_inline593 T(tex2html_wrap_inline379) + (1-TSAW) tex2html_wrap_inline593 T(tex2html_wrap_inline599).

ESAW - Sawtooth parameter for Taylor state current profile.

tex2html_wrap_inline601 = ESAW tex2html_wrap_inline593 tex2html_wrap_inline605 + (1-ESAW) tex2html_wrap_inline593 tex2html_wrap_inline609 (tex2html_wrap_inline611).

RSAW - Relaxation parameter for sawtooth model.

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