LSC NTCC progress as of November 19, 2000.

About 85% into the project we have:

  1. Reactivated the LSC and shown that the basic code runs on several compilers, including the g77 free fortran compiler.

  2. Examined several options for post-processing graphics, settled on SGLIB and GNUPLOT as the primary options, and converted most graphs to GNUPLOT, while keeping SGLIB available.

  3. Found, with help from Dr. M. Ju of KSTAR, some unsatisfactory behavior involving convergence of the 1-D electron distribution function and internal consistency of the power.

  4. Developed a set of changes which appear to solve the problem:

    1. Convergence is helped by greatly increasing the number of iterations on fe(r,v).

    2. Internal consistency is helped by a more careful accounting of the average field strength contributing to Dql in regions of heavy absorption.

    3. Greatly increased the ray paths followed after heavy Maxwellian damping is encountered.

  5. Removed a large number of features which accumulated over time in response to specific requests from individual researchers. Those features have not been used in a long time, cannot be supported in the future, and complicate the source and its documentation.

Source code tree and a manual will be maintained in at the present web site, please see LSC.

Others involved in the project are Steve Jardin, Doug McCune, Christiane Ludescher, Ernest Valeo.

Please contact D.W. Ignat for further information.

David W Ignat