This is a REAL*8 port of the standard double precision Livermore Solver of Ordinary Differential Equations LSODE available in the odepack library of netlib. The REAL*8 lsode forms a single source which can be used for 64 bit calculations on either Cray (64 bit = single precision) or workstation (64 bit = double precision) environments. The NTCC lsode package includes linpack routines used by lsode, provided as a convenience; these are unmodified netlib sources. At compile time either the single precision or the double precision linpack routines are selected, depending on the current environment (Cray single precision or workstation double precision).

Reference: alan c. hindmarsh, odepack, a systematized collection of ode solvers, in scientific computing, r. s. stepleman et al. (eds.), north-holland, amsterdam, 1983, pp. 55-64.