subroutine pstSetBetmsh (p)

    Set global mesh packing exponent. For instance a value

    > 1 increases the density of nodes near the edge.

real*8, intent(in) :: p

subroutine pstSetLsymhi (k)

    Set switch for large solution support width. A value of 1

    forces the support to be symmetric about singular surfaces.

    Default is asymmetric and determined by distance between the

    singular surfaces.

integer, intent(in) :: k

subroutine pstSetDlayb (p)

    Set the normalized large support width. Should be < 1.0, that

    is the the large soutions should not overlap neighboring singular


real*8, intent(in) :: p

subroutine pstSetUniformMesh (k)

    Force the mesh to be uniform. Default is packed mesh

    near the axis and about singular surfaces.

integer, parameter :: r8=selected_real_kind(12,100)

integer, intent(in) :: k

subroutine pstSetIsolver (k)

    Select solver: 0 for built-in, > 0 for


integer, intent(in) :: k

subroutine pstSetB (pb)

    Set the wall distance normalized to the minor radius from

    the plasma edge: PB <= 0 for wall on plasma, 1.0 > PB <=10.0

    for conformal wall, and PB > 10.0 for wall at infinity.

real*8, intent(in) :: pb

subroutine pstSetN (j)

integer, parameter :: r8 = selected_real_kind(12,100)

    Set the toroidal mode number.

integer, intent(in) :: j

subroutine pstSetMM (jdim, j)

    Set the number or radial nodes. For a convergence study take

    J=[N1, N2, ... 0] (last element must be zero).

integer, intent(in) :: jdim     no of runs

integer, intent(in) :: j(*)     no of radial elements in run

subroutine pstSetMSIN (jdim, j)

    Select the singular surfaces. J is typically an array of 0's and

    1's: 0's for rational surfaces that are skipped and 1's for

    rational surfaces that are singular, counting from the magnetic

    axis outwards. For instance, to select the 3/2 and 4/2 surfaces

    for a monotonically increasing q profile from 0.9 to 6.4, J should

    be set to [0, 1, 1, 0,...].

integer, intent(in) :: jdim     no of rational surfaces

integer, intent(in) :: j(*)     activation flag for each rational surface.

subroutine pstSetWALL (j)

    Set the conducting wall on the plasma edge. This option overrides

    pstSetB: 1=wall on plasma.

integer, intent(in) :: j

subroutine pstSetINFWALL (j)

    Set wall at inifinity. This option overrides

    pstSetB: 1=wall at infinity.

integer, intent(in) :: j

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