Notes_mdsplot                                         02/27/03 C. Ludescher-Furth

is available in the TRANSP cvs repository and 
is also included in the NTCC module TR_Client ( see   )

mdsplot converts the TRANSP output data into ASCII form and writes the
data into the TRANSP MDSplus Tree. The Tree must have been previously created
and must contain basic header nodes.
For speedup the code uses PPPL costomized TDI functions and
An option is provided to write TDI Functions into the tree, instead of real data.

2. Writing TDI functions instead of data.

Writing TDI functions instead of "actual data" is triggered by the locical
"no_data=TRUE". Currently this is defined if the MDS-Tree name is "JET".
If you write TDI functions you must install the functions and the shareable
"trread" library TrRead is also available as a NTCC module
(see   ). 

3. Installing TDI Functions:
----------------------------      --  to write TRANSP output    --  to write TRANSP Multigraphs

Optional - NOT used if you write data into your tree  --  To read 1D signals  --  to read 2D signals

the TDI functions are provided in:
  - if NTCC Module 
  - if TRANSP distribution

You must install them into a directory that is in your MDSplus server's 
MDS_PATH. If you are installing the NTCC Module,
type: make install TDIDIR=</my/mdsplus/tdi>

4. Installing the shareable library trread

Follow instructions in 
        trread/Makefile, if NTCC Module 
        trread_test/makefile.inf, if TRANSP distribution 

The location of must be in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH of your
MDSplus Server.