MODPALEO module contains the PALEO subroutine which calculates the electron thermal transport according to the Paleoclassical transport model. Paleoclassical transport model is derived by J. D Callen. It has been hypothesized that part of the radial electron heat transport in current-carrying, magnetically confined, toroidal plasmas results from paleoclassical Coulomb collision processes. These processes involve parallel electron heat conduction and magnetic fielddiffusion. In this model, the electron temperature equilibrates along magnetic field lines while diffusing field lines carry this equilibrated electron temperature with them, which results in a radial electron heat diffusivity. The inputs of the subroutine include the parallel neoclassical resistivity, which can be calculated by external codes such as NCLASS. Simulation results obtained using paleoclassical model against 15 D3D H-mode discharges can be found in the paper.