NTCC Software Review Procedures

Funding for the review activity was discontinued in 2005 and therefore, there are no active or pending reviews.

Software that has been explicitly submitted to the NTCC by its author(s) is subject to ongoing review. The purpose of review is to give users added confidence in NTCC codes and to allow authors to have claims about their codes confirmed by users and independent reviewers. Through the NTCC Modules Library, users have access to a review abstract for each submission. The abstract is based on author comments and package documentation, independent reviews, and comments and experiences from users. The abstract states what the review is based on and what components of the review are still ongoing. It includes names of reviewers and of those compiling the abstract. User comments are moderated by the NTCC committee.
NTCC codes are classified into two review levels:

Submitted Modules can be viewed in the NTCC/Submitted Modules Directory.

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