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This module implements the Kadomtsev Sawtooth Mixing Model[1] and the Porcelli Sawtooth Mixing Model[2] for axisymmetric tokamaks in general geometry. The module is initialized by calls to "kdsaw_pre_init" and to "kdsaw_init", the former specifying the mixing model selection, and the latter providing a grid, the iota(bar) (1/q) profile, and zone volumes; kdsaw_init computes the Kadomtsev or Porcelli mapping and stores it in the module's internal memory. Subsequent calls are used to extract specific information about the sawtooth mixing. The grid passed to kdsaw_init is specified in normalized square-root-toroidal-flux, a coordinate which functions in a way strictly analogous to the minor radial coordinate "r" in Kadomtsev's original paper, but is suitable for general geometry. The grid is given explicitly and need not be evenly spaced. The current profile is expressed as (1/q), and the zone volumes (in any suitable units) are used to adjust the mapping such that a change in a particle or energy density profile according to the ideal Kadomtsev mapping volume integrates to precisely zero: typically, a peaked density profile is flattened, with the density reduced in the center and raised at the edge of the mixing region. A user-adjustable current profile remapping is also provided.
Both REAL and REAL*8 interfaces are provided to all routines in the module.
[1] Sov. J. Plasma Phys. Vol. 1 No. 5 Sept. Oct. 1975, p. 389.
[2] Porcelli et al., Plasma Physics & Controlled Fusion 38 (1996) p. 2163, (See section 4).
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MHD Stability
Saw Tooth, Tokamak
Fortran 90
Doug McCune
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