PPST Graduate Students

Student/Department Advisor/Department Research
J. Berkery / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Photoelectric Discharge Initiation Scheme for Pulsed Plasma Thrusters
E. Dennis / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Efficient Quantum Dynamics Simulations
J. Foley / AS S. Cohen / AS
F. Levinton
LIF Development for Plasma Diagnosis
I. Geltner / MAE S. Suckewer / MAE 3-wave Interaction in Microcapillary Plasma
J. Geremia / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Quantum Dynamics: Laser Control
P.I. Hsu / EE J. Sturm / EE Deformable Electronics (PECVD)
A. Kodys / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Anode Loss Mechanisms in LiLFA Thrusters
A. Landsman / AS S. Cohen / AS Invariants and Chaos in the FRC Device
B. Li / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Optimal Quantum Dynamic Discrimination of Similar Chemical Species
X. Li / ChBE Y. Kevrekidis / ChBE Dynamics and Pattern Formation on Microcomposite Heterogeneous Catalysts
X. Luo / MAE S. Suckewer / MAE Dissociation Rates and Diffusion of Various Molecules in High Altitude Atmosphere
Y. Ping / AS S. Suckewer / MAE Amplification of fs Pulses in Microcapillary Plasmas
K. Sankaran / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Numerical Simulation of MPD Plasma Thrusters
K. Stokke / MAE S. Cohen / AS Magnetic Nozzle Experiment
R. Stowell / AS R. Davidson / AS Two-stream Instability Research in Positron-anti-proton Plasmas
M. Wu / EE S. Wagner / EE Applications of Plasma Processing in Large-area Electronics

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