PPST Graduate Students

Student/Department Advisor/Department Research
J. Cooley / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Breakdown Initiation of a Current Sheet by Laser Pulses
J. Dominy / PACM H. Rabitz / Chem Exploring the Control of Quantum Dynamics Phenomena with the Dual Controls of Material and Photonic Reagents
D. Inglis / EE J. Sturm / EE Fabrication of Microfluidic Cell Sorting Devices by Plasma Etching for Manipulation of Biological Molecules
A. Kattamis / ChBE S. Wagner / EE Silicon Thin Film Transistors made by Plasma Processing on Flexible Substrates
E. Kimball / ChBE J. Benziger / ChBE
Y. Kevrekidis / ChBE
Ignition Dynamics in PEM Fuel Cells
S. Li / MAE S. Suckewer / MAE A New Type of Femtosecond Laser based on Raman Amplification and Compression in Plasma
Q. Liang / ChBE Y. Kevrekidis / ChBE Equation-free Computation for Complex Multiscale Systems
A. Likhanskii / MAE R. Miles / MAE Computational Models of the Interaction of Weakly Ionized Plasmas with Air
R. Lunt / ChBE J. Benziger / ChBE Investigating Growth Modes and Surface Diffusivity in Low-pressure Organic Vapor-phase Deposition (OVPD)
J. Roslund / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Exploring the Landscapes for Laboratory Control of Quantum Dynamics
M. Roth / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Control of Ultra-fast Lasers for Quantum Manipulation
M. Stockman / MAE R. Miles / MAE Microwave Plasmas to Enhance Flame Speed for SCRAM Jets
R. Wu / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Theory of Laser Control over Quantum Phenomena by Choice of Material

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