PPST Graduate Students

Student/Department Advisor/Department Research
M.J. Cheah / ChBE J. Benziger / ChBE
Y. Kevrekidis / ChBE
Water Management in PEM Fuel Cell
A. Donovan / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Investigating the Effects of Constraints on Material and Electromagnetic Reagents in Quantum Optimal Control
M. Feldman / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Faraday Accelerator with RF-assisted Discharge
M. Griswold / AS N. Fisch / AS Basic Physics in Rotating Plasmas
B. Jorns / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Thrust Production Mechanism in the Lithium Lorentz Force Accelerator
S. Li / MAE S. Suckewer / MAE Improved Backscattering Raman Amplifier/Compressor
C. Limbach / MAE R. Miles / MAE Power Extraction from a Hypersonic Vehicle using Mach Stem Ionization
J. Little / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Plasma Detachment from Magnetic Nozzles
Y. Luo / MAE S. Suckewer / MAE Development of Soft-X-Ray Lasers Operating within “Water Window”
L. Nedialkova / ChBE Y. Kevrekidis / ChBE Multi-scale Simulation Acceleration for Model Reduction
D. Turnbull / MAE S. Suckewer / MAE Laser Amplification by Stimulated Raman Backscattering
B. Visweswaran / EE S. Wagner / EE Controlling the Deposition Plasma to Raise the Surface Diffusion Length for Hybrid Insulator Conformal Growth
D. Xie / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Quantum Optimal Control Exploration on Single Quantum Systems and Nanoelectronic Devices

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