PPST Graduate Students

Student/Department Advisor/Department Research
Yasmin Afsar / EE S. Wagner / EE Development of Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Techniques for Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors and Circuits
Levent Aygun / EE S.Wagner / EE
J. Sturm / EE
High-Frequency ZnO Schottky Diodes Deposited using Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition on Flexible Substrates
Qiang Chen / MAE S. Suckewer / MAE Towards a Compact Ultra-intensity femosecont-pulses-induced Plasma
Will Coogan / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Lithium Lorentz Force Accelerator (LiLFA), an Applied-field Magnetoplasma Dynamic Thruster
Oluseyi Fasoranti / ChBE B. Koel / ChBE Synergetic Interactions of Hydrogen Plasmas with Sn- and SnLi-coated Surfaces
Taehee Han / MAE S. Suckewer / MAE Cornea Reshaping by Ultra-high-intensity Femtosecond-pulses-induced Plasma
Michelle Hofman / ChBE B. Koel / ChBE Plasma Catalytic Dry Reforming: Subsurface Methyl (CH3) and Hydrogen (H) Radicals Interacting with CO in Ni
Jin-Sun Kim / EE S. Lyon / EE Plasma Processing of Silicon Quantum Nano Electronics
Qiuyang Sun / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Fundamental Principles in Quantum Control
Chris Wordingham / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Development of High-discharge-current Hollow Cathodes

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