Quantum Control Level Set Surface for Second Harmonic Generation


Experimental quantum control level surface for second harmonic generation. While each point on this continuous surface corresponds to a combination of control variables that gives the same quantum yield, every point is associated with a unique temporal electric field. Thus, for a given quantum yield, one may choose an experimentally desirable electric field from this large subset that satisfies additional criteria, such as low pulse energy, etc. The three femtosecond electric fields corresponding to the points depicted in the figure are each unique in their temporal structure while all giving identical quantum yields. (Graphic by J. Roslund)

Movie: "Shrink wrapping" of an experimental quantum control level surface. The "shrink wrapping" procedure is implemented in the laboratory by a femtosecond pulse shaper. The pulse shaper adjusts the individual vertices of this tessellated sphere in parameter space so that it collapses around the level surface representing the solution multiplicity. (See "Laboratory Observation of Quantum Control Level Sets," Jonathan Roslund, Matthias Roth, and Herschel Rabitz, Phys. Rev. A 74 (October 18, 2006) Article No. 043414 (11 pages).

The file format is mov. The file is 1 MB and will open in a pop-up window. (Movie by J. Roslund)

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