Tentative Agenda


Day 1.. June 25, 2002


D&D Overview- Lessons Learned E. Perry
Purpose of Workshop
Overview of D&D Program
Engineering & Planning Activities J. Chrzanowski
How were D&D activities planned?
Procedures, reviews, EWP, etc
Discuss engineering program of TF coil autopsy
Work Control Center T. Meighan
Discuss purpose and operation of WCC
Discuss flowplan of EWP and how work is controlled
What worked well?
Management of Cost and Schedule R. Strykowsky
Discussion on tools & methodology used to manage costs & schedule
Electrical Safety & Planning H. Bush
Discuss electrical "Safing" techniques
Discuss D&D electrical removal philosophy
Industrial Hygiene & Construction Safety Issues M. Lumia
Discuss lead removal activities
Effectiveness of JHA's/ Confined Space Permits, etc.
PPE's and constuction safety equipment used
Health Physics and Radiation Issues G. Ascione
Discuss HP issues associated with D&D activities
What worked well????  What did not???
Construction Management & Techniques M. Viola
Discuss Field managing techniques, issues, etc.
What worked best? Worst??
Discuss techniques /equipment for cutting components
Tritium Retention in Vessel Tiles & Oil C. Gentile
Discuss what was learned about Tritium retention in the vacuum vessel tiles and oil
Tritium Line Breaks (Vacuum boundary & airborne) S. Raftopoulos
Discuss techniques and equipment to safely perform line breaks
Techniques to control airborne Tritium
Concrete Filling of Vacuum Vessel S. Raftopoulos
Discuss purpose, development, technique & equipment
Day 1 Discussion & Closeout E. Perry


Day 2.. June 26, 2002  
Segmenting of Vacuum Vessel R. Parsells
Discussions on development of program and technology used
Describe equipment, procedures, operating parameters
Successes and problems
Waste Management K. Rule
Discussions on shipping containers; packaging techniques;
Transportation issues; types & quantity of waste generated, etc.
Tritium Decontamination- Techniques & Technology Gentile &  Rule
Discussions on the techniques and technology used to contain and manage contamination
Summary of Lessons Learned Chrzanowski
General Discussion- Closing Statements E. Perry
Afternoon is reserved for those who would like followup

discussions as individual's or as a group.


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