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Telephone Numbers

Type or print TFTR_INF:PHONES.INF for a list of all phone numbers in the TFTR Control Room. For all problems related to networks, computer access, CU-SeeMe, etc., between 9am and 5pm EST, call or e-mail to the Help Desk ( When TFTR is running outside these hours, try calling the HLDAS Operator in the Control Room, x2710.

name extension location
Help Desk x2275 network and computer problems
Computer Center x3444 cluster problems
CICADA operator x2680 CICADA problems
HLDAS phone x2710 HLDAS operator, Task Force Leader
Control Room x2400 at end of HLDAS station
Physics Operator x2195 Physics Operator

Marilee Thompson
Thu Jul 10 14:31:47 EDT 1997