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Terminal Emulators

At present all the TPC components assume that you are running a terminal emulator in your workstation window, logged on to one of the PPPL\ VMS cluster nodes.

All TPC components output either to a VT100 text screen, or to a Tektronix 4014 or 4107 compatible graphics screen. For the VT100 displays, use any emulator that supports the VT100 character sets and keypad keys. XTERM, which provides both a VT100 window and a 4014 graphics window, is available on all workstations. From an XTERM session on your workstation you can do a remote login to a PPPL node, or you can use the PPPL utility DWLAUNCH to create session(s) that run on a PPPL node with the window on your workstation. If your IP address is a.b.c.d, to start a DECterm (VT100) session running on PPPL node BIRCH:

    $ DWLAUNCH/server_node=a.b.c.d/client=birch/connect=tcpip create-

For graphics output, the PPPL utility XTC is a 4014/4105 emulator that buffers plot frames and allows you to recall, print, or save any frame. Print output can be in Tektronix or PostScript format. If your user name is ``doodle'', to create an XTC window on your workstation, and route the graphic output from programs running in your XTERM/DECterm window to it:

    $ set display/node=a.b.c.d/create
    $ spawn/nowait/input=nl: xtc
    $ define/nolog plot xtc_mbx_0_doodle

Marilee Thompson
Thu Jul 10 14:31:47 EDT 1997