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Plot as Surfaces


CUPLOT can display a single isometric plot or two isometric plots, one in the top half of the screen and the other in the bottom half. The XT window affects the slanted axis. The YT window affects the vertical axis. The z axis is the horizontal axis.

sets the values of the horizontal independent axis.  

sets the units for the horizontal independent axis.  

sets the window for the horizontal independent axis.  

plots the data as an isometric. The data here is a set of waveforms with the same time base. The plot can be seen in Figure 3.   

	SH 55806

DE SH-HA+00 +08 +14 +23 +30 ;

XI 0.0 7.5 14. 23. 30. ;


XT 2.5 4.5


Figure 3: Isometric plot of H-alpha data

sets options related to isometric plots.  

	Command[ ]? O I

Y lines every [5.0E-02]? , !skip interval

Reverse the Y axis [N]? ,

Draw contour lines [N]? Y !superimpose contour lines

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997