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Transpose 2D Data


takes the transpose (rotates) data read from 2D object(s).   When you read a 2D data element, it is stored inside CUPLOT as a series of 1D slices, each slice usually vs time and labeled with the z axis parameter value. The ROtate command changes this to be a series of slices vs the z parameter, labeled with the original x parameter values. ROtate only uses the data in the x window; if there are more time points than slots, every nth slice is used. For example, to plot slices of TRANSP TI data at selected time values:   

	Command[ ]? SH 55806A08

Command[ ]? DE [T90]TI ; R !read slices by radius

Command[ ]? XT 2.4 2.9 !window the data

Command[ ]? RO !rotate the data

Store as overlays[N]? , !slices are separate frames

Step between slices[1.5625000E-02]? ,

[ 32 elements stored]

Command[ ]? PS 20 22 24 ; !plot slices

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997