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Write Data to ASCII File or Terminal


writes data values to your terminal or an ASCII file. The format is appropriate for pasting the data into Kaleidagraph/Cricketgraph on a Macintosh. These files can be read back in to CUPLOT as data type ASCII.    

writes data values for a selected list of curves to your terminal or an ASCII file.   

	Command[ ]? SH 55806

Command[ ]? DE NE-SS-C2 ; R !read data

Command[ ]? WF

Frame to output[F1C1]? ,

File or TTY [F/T][F]? T !write to terminal

first X index[1]? ,

last X index[745]? ,

skip factor (0=all)[0]? 20 !every 20th point

writes data to an HDF file.   

writes the data to a 1D Ufile.  

writes a 2D Ufile.  

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997