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Specify the Data Location


lets you change the third letter of the raw data files. Most raw data files begin with RDT, but there are a few exceptions; for example, the neutral beam files are RD1, RD2, etc.

lets you set the disk and directory for Ufiles. If the file is in your top level directory, you can specify it using either the logical SYS$LOGIN, which provides both the disk and directory; or MYNAME$:[000000], where ``myname'' is your user name:  

	Command[ ]? DT U

Ufile device[ ]? SYS$LOGIN

Ufile area[ ]? , !' ' if not blank

Command[ ]? DT U

Ufile device[ ]? THOMPSON$

Ufile area[ ]? 000000

If the file is in one of your subdirectories use:

	Command[ ]? DT U

Ufile device[ ]? THOMPSON$

Ufile area[ ]? XP227

The read routines always try to restore a Ufile from the optical jukebox if it is not on disk, so if you have specified a ``non-standard'' location and the file does not exist you will get an error message such as:

	<OP_RESULTS_MAKEDIRNAME> Invalid directory name [THOMPSON.XP123]

<OP_RESULTS_PLATTER> error making directory name [THOMPSON.XP123]

sets the default file type to ASCII.    

	Command[ ]? DT A

Command[ ]? DE MYDATA.DAT ; !ASCII file

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997