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Frequency Plot


A sample distribution plot will let you see how your data is distributed over a particular variable or function. Select the frequency  option in PLOT and specify the number of intervals you want. You will get a histogram of the number of samples in each interval of y vs the y variable as shown in Figure 5. This option does not work with multiple y's, averaging, error bars, or cursor selection.

If the y range has been specified, then the interval is range/intervals and the first interval starts at the minimum of the range. Otherwise the minimum and maximum of the y data are used. (The y graph range and linear/logarithmic parameters apply to the x axis of the frequency plot; the x graph range and linear/logarithmic parameters refer to the y axis of the frequency plot.)

If you enter M after the graph is displayed, lines will be drawn showing the mean and median values. If you enter G, you will get a Gaussian fit and a line at one standard deviation in addition to the mean and median lines.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 17:05:56 EDT 1997