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Sending Plots to a File

The graphics output device may be determined by the logical name plot. If plot is not defined and the DEVICE or VGDS option is not specified, graphics output is to your terminal. To get graphics output to the terminal  with the option to ``hardcopy''  selected frames to a file : $ DEFINE PLOT ",FILE.PLT". After the graph has been drawn enter D when you want the plot to go to the file. To get graphics output to a file  instead of the terminal $ DEFINE PLOT FILE.PLT. This is useful for executing LOCUS from command procedures including batch.

You can print FILE.PLT on a laser printer. The PLT extension is required by these devices. You can also plot this file on your terminal with XPLOT. To deassign the logical name: $ DEASSIGN PLOT. If color or if terminal_4105 is defined to be yes, use FILE.4105 instead of FILE.PLT. The 4105 files can be plotted on the laser printers by using the TPLOT command and can be output to the Tektronix color hard copy. See $ HELP SG for more information.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 17:05:56 EDT 1997