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INGRATE  is a stand-alone utility for converting your LOCUS ISAM DBC database file to an INGRES table, with flexibility for column selection, naming and formatting. It is self-documenting; once in INGRATE, you can get a description of the program. The setup procedure for LOCUS defines the symbols CREATEDB and INGRATE as well as LOCUS.

First create an INGRES database if you do not already have one. (The name of your database should be your last name or username, not ``mydatabase''.)

   $ CREATEDB mydatabase
Next translate your old LOCUS database DBC file into a table in mydatabase.
INGRATE will prompt you for whatever information it needs to complete the transaction. Now you can run the INGRES version of LOCUS\ to look at your data.
   $ LOCUS

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 17:05:56 EDT 1997