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Creating Databases with SNAP Output

The MINGL program allows you to create a LOCUS database table of SNAP profile and scalar data from a set of snap-tries. You need to create two files: a list of snap-tries to be included in the database, and a list of variables whose data you want extracted from the SNAP archives and written into the database. Various mathematical operations such as differentiation (in radius) and volume integration can be performed on the SNAP profile arrays before they are written into the database table. Detailed instructions on preparation of LOCUS tables from the SNAP archives is provided in [].

Historically, the parameter-list file specified the desired SNAP\ arrays by their four-digit channel number. More recently, it has become possible to refer to these arrays (and scalars) by names, which are easier to remember. MINGL accepts references to SNAP elements by name as well as by channel number. A sample parameter-list file with channel specifications by number can be found in SCOTT$:[DBASE]GENERIC_0591.PARAMS.

Marilee Thompson
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